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About Miclot Arts & Culture

In Hebrew 'Miclot' means 'receiver', or 'city of refuge'. Miclot Arts & Culture was founded in 1993 to cultivate and promote the arts in NYC and beyond., by Comprised of the Miclot Chamber Music Society, Miclot Theater Production, Miclot Gallery, and Miclot Publishing, the organization supports creators across artistic mediums and connects them with collaborators fueling creativity, optimism, intuition, generosity, wisdom, and tolerance.

The Miclot team represents expertise, depth of knowledge, and passion for the arts. Our members are inspired by the vision and tireless advocacy of artists to both celebrate artistic legacies and embrace new generations of talent.



Miclot Arts & Culture

HQ New York office

3628 23rd Street #2nd FL.

Long Island City, NY 11106

Massachusetts office

173 Cedar Street

Ashland, MA 01721

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