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Miclot Chamber Music Society

Miclot [mi-clot] means the city of refuge in Hebrew. We were founded in 1993 to cultivate and promote the arts in NYC and beyond. Miclot Arts & Culture supports artists across many forms of expression, connecting them with collaborators fueling creativity, optimism, intuition, generosity, wisdom, and tolerance in arts. The members comprising the Miclot team represent expertise, depth of knowledge, and passion for Arts. Our members inspired the vision and tireless advocacy of the artists to advance the legacy of significant artists and embrace new generations of artists to audiences. The Miclot Arts and Culture Foundation can provide an escape for people in need to express themselves through arts. The Miclot Arts & Culture creates different ongoing arts forms expanding exhibitions, performances, and other publications. Miclot Chamber Music Society, Miclot Theater Production, Miclot Gallery, and Miclot Publishing. In 2019, new members launched Miclot Chamber Music Society to expand our programming and reach a wider audience. We have successfully made New York City debut at Lincoln Center in November of 2021.

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