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Theater Production


Miclot Arts & Culture

began with Theater Production in 1993, NYC.

Miclot Production is running its production annually, hoping to expand Christian culture by delivering the “Small Voice” of GOD.

“Small Voice” is a metaphorical translation of the Gospel. Miclot seeks to deliver the message of the Gospel to both believers and non-believers. It is using the stage as a means of delivering GOD’s message.


Miclot serves as a theatrical tool to express the Gospel in a way that allows the audience to apply the message to their lives. The production calls out to seekers of refuge by bringing the word of GOD into their lives. 

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A distinguishing trait of Miclot is that uses no special

props or costumes. The drama is directed by powerful

scripts that contain many monologues, displaying the

transition of corruption to the restoration of Biblical figures.


The performer plays not only by the script but also by

the actual experience within his confession of faith.

Therefore, performers become preachers as they proclaim

the word of GOD with the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

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